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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Pre-Application meeting?

    The pre-application meeting with NHDES is designed to provide you with relevant information on a set of materials (e.g. preliminary site plans, designs, specifications, calculations) already developed by you or your consultant or agent.  

    The content of a pre-application meeting is considered public information unless requested to be confidential by the applicant.

    Information conveyed by NHDES staff during a pre-application meeting is preliminary and in response to information submitted by the applicant. Any change of plans or incorrect information submitted may invalidate the information relayed. Requests to review plans modified after a pre-application meeting may require an additional pre-application meeting(s).  Review of your applications during the review process may reveal additional requirements that are applicable to your project.

    Analysis of a proposed project by NHDES staff during pre-application meetings is preliminary and should not be construed as a final decision.




Pre-Application Meeting Request

version 1.2

Form to request the presence of NHDES staff at a meeting to discuss the environmental impacts of your project, activity or event. 

Please review the frequently asked questions prior to submitting this form.

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